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Muhlenberg's Sedge (Carex muehlenbergii)

Plant Names (Nomenclature)

Common Plant Name Muhlenberg's Sedge
Scientific Plant Name Carex muehlenbergii
Other Common Names
Other Scientific Names
Common Family Name Sedge
Scientific Family Name Cyperaceae


Native Status Kansas Native
Native Definition Native Species: Native to Kansas and the United States

Growth Characteristics

Growth Habit/Form Grass grass-like plants; graminoids
Life Span Perennial herbaceous; lives three or more years
Maximum Height 2.0 feet height in feet
Maximum Spread 1.0 feet width in feet
Flower Color Green, colors of the flowers
Flowering Season April - May typical months to expect blooms
Reproduction Seed Only methods of reproduction

Growth Requirements

Sun Exposure Shade
Soil Moisture Wet to Moist


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