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Kansas Wildflowers and Weeds

Get this comprehensive book to all common wildflowers and weedy plants in the state.


Kansas Wildflower & Grasses

This is a great reference for both wildflower and grasses of Kansas.


Kansas Trees & Shrubs

Use this book to learn our woody plants like trees and shrubs


Kansas Grasses

If you want to learn to identify our grasses this is the book to have.


Kansas Weeds

Get this book if trying to identify weedy plants


Handmade Paper from Plant Fiber

Paper samples
  • All of my paper is handmade from plant fiber.
  • The plants are all wild plants of the prairie region found in Kansas.
  • I make all of my paper in Topeka, Kansas
  • Learn About the Paper Making Process

Plant Fiber Paper Gallery

Plant Fiber Paper of the Day
Cat Tail Seed
Cat Tail Seed
  • All paper is made from 100% plant fiber.
  • My Paper Proucts Store has individual sheet of paper for sale as well as note cards and bookmarks that can be purchased..
  • Some plants used to make my paper include milkweed, mulberry, and cat-tail.
  • The types of fiber used include bast fiber found along the stem of the plant, the fiber attached to seeds, and leaf fiber such as from grasses.
  • My Plant Fiber Paper Gallery contains images of my paper made from different plant fiber and combinations of plant fibers.



Papermaking Workshop

Paper making Workshop

It's an involved process to take plants and turn them into paper, but learning the process is fascinating.

Every year I teach a workshop on making paper from native plant fiber. You'll be amazed how you can take milkweeds, grasses, and other plants and turn them into paper.

Learn more about the papermaking workshop.

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