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About My Presentations

I offer various kinds of presentations focusing on native plants. All presentations are in Powerpoint format.

My Presentations

I offer the following presentations.

  • Landscaping with Native Plants
  • Birds, Bees, and Butterflies
  • Kansas Wildflowers
  • Plant Identification
  • Papermaking from Plant Fiber

Landscaping with Native Plants

Presentation includes the following information.

  • The steps involved in landscaping: from planning your landscape to planting and care of natives
  • A slide show of Kansas native plants used to landscape a Kansas yard
  • Different garden habitat types. Such as prairie (sun), woodland (shade), rock (dry), and water (wet) gardens.
  • Various kinds of wildlife attracted to native plantings such as birds and butterflies

Birds, Bees, and Butterflies

Presentation includes the following information.

  • Native plants are the bottom of the food chain
  • All wildlife is dependant on native plants
  • Slide shows of insects and birds attracted to native plants with an emphasis on butterflies and pollinators

Kansas Wildflowers

Presentation includes the following information.

  • A Slide show of various showy wildflowers found in Kansas
  • The difference between native wildflowers and alien wildflowers
  • Places to see wildflowers

Plant Identification

Presentation includes the following information.

  • Plant families and their identification characteristics
  • Types of leaves, types of flowers, and other characteristics of a plant
  • A slide show plants and their characteristics
  • Focus on plants found in Kansas

What I provide

The following is provide by myself when making a presentation.

  • A Powerpoint presentation on USB portable media device
  • Narration during the presentation

What you provide

The following is provided by you when making a presentation.

  • A meeting place
  • A computer to play the presentation
  • A projector to display the presentation
  • A screen to be projected upon

What does it cost for a presentation?

  • $50.00 for upto a one hour presentation
  • $100.00 for a one to two hour presentation
  • Cost of mileage to and from the site of the presentation (50 cents per mile)

Interested in a presentation?

  • Contact me to set up an appointment or if you have questions.