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Kansas Wildflowers and Weeds

Get this comprehensive book to all common wildflowers and weedy plants in the state.


Kansas Wildflower & Grasses

This is a great reference for both wildflower and grasses of Kansas.


Kansas Trees & Shrubs

Use this book to learn our woody plants like trees and shrubs


Kansas Grasses

If you want to learn to identify our grasses this is the book to have.


Kansas Weeds

Get this book if trying to identify weedy plants

Services > Guided Walk

Guided Walk

About Guided Walks

My guided walks are offered to any group that would like a private walk for their members. Most tours last one to two hours.

The following is included in each walk.

  • See plants in their native habitat
  • Special Information about the plants seen such as
    • Edible & poisonous propeties
    • Wildlife use
    • Pollination & seed dispersal
  • See unusual plants and flowers

Where can a wildflower walk be held?

  • Public prairies
  • Public woodlands
  • Public wetlands
  • Your private property

What season is best for seeing wildflowers?

  • Spring, Summer and Fall all have wildflowers that are blooming.
  • For woodlands April & May are best.
  • For prairies May through October is best.

What is the size limit for a walk?

Upto twenty people is the maximum size for a walk. Anymore and people can't see the plants.

What does it cost for a walk?

  • $50 for a one to two hour walk
  • Cost of roundtrip mileage to the site of the walk (50 cents per mile)

Interested in a walk?

Contact me to set up an appointment or if you have questions.