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Gray-headed Coneflower | Ratibida pinnata

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Plant Species Synonym Names


Aster - Asteraceae


Gray-headed Coneflower

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An excellent wildflower for the garden with its plentiful blooms and long blooming period. An added bonus is the seed heads have a unique anise/mint odor.


Growth Habit:Herb: broad-leaved, herbaceous (non-woody) plant; wildflowers and forbs
Grass: grass-like plants; graminoids
Tree: woody with usually a single trunk, tall
Shrub: woody multi-stemmed plants, low growing
Vine: a woody or herbaceous plant that climbs or sprawls

Life Span:Annual: herbaceous; lives only one year
Biennial: herbaceous; lives two years, flowering the second
Perennial: herbaceous; lives three or more years
Woody: woody; stems that grow more than a year

Mature Height: 4.0'

Mature Width: 3.0'

Flower Color: Yellow

Sun Requirement:Full Sun: direct sun 8 or more hours of the day
Part Sun: direct sun 4 to 8 hours of the day; about half a day of sun
Shade: direct sun 0 to 4 hours of the day
Full Sun to Part Sun

Water Requirement:Wet: Soil is soggy or marshy
Moist: Soil tends to stay moist and rarely dries out
Medium: Average soil moisture, little or now slope
Drained: Soil is well drained, never soggy; medium slope
Dry: Soil is dry, often typical of rocky soil; steep slope
Moist to Drained

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