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Field guides are a valuable tool for learning to identify plants. I've included links to purchase my favorite Kansas guides to wildflowers, weeds, trees, and grasses.

Kansas Wildflowers and Weeds

Get this comprehensive book to all common wildflowers and weedy plants in the state.


Kansas Wildflower & Grasses

This is a great reference book for both wildflower and grasses of Kansas.


Kansas Trees & Shrubs

Use this reference book to learn our woody plants like trees and shrubs.

Kansas Grasses

If you want to learn to identify our grasses this is the book to have.


Kansas Weeds

Good book to use when trying to identify weedy plants.

Plant Lists

Browse the following groups of plants. A list of plants is provided that meet each definition.

  • Trees Trees are woody perennial plants, usually with a single trunk, relatively tall
  • Shrubs Shrubs are woody perennial plants with multiple stems, generally shorter than a tree.
  • Vines Vines are either woody or herbaceous plants that climb or sprawl.
  • Grasses Grasses are herbaceous plants with narrow leaves originating at the base of the plant. Grasses are graminoids.
  • Perennials Perennials are herbaceous plants that live three or more years
  • Biennials Biennials are herbaceous plants that live two years, flowering the second
  • Annuals Annuals are herbaceous plants that live only one year