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Plant Identification Guide

The Plant Guide

This guide contains images and growth characteristics of 850 species of plants found in northeast Kansas. There are 4289 images of plants in the guide.

The guide includes both native (indigenous) and introduced (alien) species of plants.

Search the Plant Guide lets you query the plant database using various plant characteristics.

About Plant Guide explains more about the images & growth characteristics.

Plant Lists

Use these shortcut lists to find common groups of plants.

  • Trees - Woody with mostly a single main stem (trunk)
  • Shrubs - Woody with multiple stems, smaller than a tree
  • Vines - Woody or Herbaceous (not woody) plant that sprawls or climbs
  • Grasses - Grass and grass-like plants, includes sedges, rushes, and other graminoids
  • Perennials - Herbaceous (not woody) plant that lives three or more years
  • Biennials - Herbaceous (not woody) plant that lives two years, flowering the second year
  • Annuals - Herbaceous (not woody) plant that lives only one year. Most weedy plants are annuals.


Reference Books used in conjuction with this guide will help you learn to identify our many native and introduced plants.

No one guide book will contain every plant that you encounter. I've also included books on prairie reconstruction, restoration, and management for those needing information on those topics.

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