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Why Kansas Native Plants?

Zebra Swallowtail
  • Native plants are those plants that are indigenous to a region.
  • Many of these plants are perfect for your gardens and landscaping your yard.
  • They are hardy, beautiful, and unusual.
  • Learn more about why you should use native plants in your home landscape from Frequently Asked Questions.

What I Do

Buy Seed of Today's Featured Plant
Plains Larkspur (Delphinium virescens)
Plains Larkspur (Delphinium virescens)

Do you need native plant seed? Browse Kansas Wildflower, Grass, & Tree Seeds. All seeds originate in Kansas from naturally local plants. All seeds are sold by the packet.

Get a Property Evaluation for your yard, acreage, or farm. The evaluation includes an inventory of the plants already on your property, recommended plants to add, plants that are invasive and should be removed, and techniques to manage your property.

Are you in need of a speaker to give a Presentation on a topic involving plants. All of my presentations are Powerpoint slide shows. Topics include plant identification, landscaping, and creating a bird friendly habitat.

Photos of Gardens and Wildlife

flowerMy Garden Galleries show you native plants in my various landscaped habitat types such as

My Wildlife Galleries shows various wildlife attracted to my gardens.

Gardening for Butterflies

Butterfly Gardening describes the plants needed by adult butterflies for nectar but more importantly the host plants used by butterfly larva.

Butterfly Host Plants is a table of butterfly species and the plant families used as host plants.

Gardening for Birds

I've documented over 100 bird species using my yard. All come to feed at feeders/plants or the many insects that are attracted to the plants. And some even come feed on other birds! Learn more about these many Yard Birds.

I've also taken a keen interest in creating nest boxes (birdhouses) for many species of birds. Birds that nest in nest boxes or make their own holes in trees are known as Cavity Nesting Birds. I've had house wrens, carolina wrens, chickadees, bluebirds, and great crested flycatchers use my nest boxes. I've even had flicker woodpeckers nest in my large nest boxes.

Plant Identification Guide

The Plant Guide can help you identify an unknown plant, tree, or weed.

Use it to determine what native plants you might want in your landscape.

The guide contains growth characteristics of 850 species of plants.

There are 4289 images of plants in the guide.

Plant Fiber Paper

Plant Fiber Paper showcases paper made from Kansas plants.

See the process of making paper from plant fiber.

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